Vitality Preserves – Fruit is Medicine


Gigi & Sons are proud to launch their delicious range of homemade jams and chutneys. The ingredients are unique and new on the market. These exciting fruits have been used for centuries by doctors to strengthen, energise and fortify both body and mind. 

Our preserves are full of nutrients that the ancient physicians used for their health rejuvenating properties! 

  • Our preserves are new and unique, the first of their kind on the market 
  • No one else is producing foods in a jar that heal us, that are good for you and taste delicious!
  • These fruits have been used by doctors for centuries as a medicine to repair and heal the body
  • You only need a small amount on a regular basis to reap the benefits and to build up your strength

Thousands of years ago, the sages observed the human body and how it was affected by nature. They discovered how certain foods and fruits could be used as medicine.  These are still used in modern times and are now the core ingredients in our ranges of Vitality Preserves. We use three key fruits with their renowned healing properties as a stable for our jams and chutneys: Wolfberry, Jujube and Mulberry

About Gigi and Sons

For 30 years, Gisela Norman, CEO has practiced Acupuncture, Reiki and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and the energetics of food. Gisela has now created this wonderful range of Vitality Preserves. The fruits used have a distinct energy and characteristic properties. Historically they have been used to help balance our bodies and make us healthy. Chinese food energetics is the study of patterns of food and how the vibration of different foods affects the human body.

We have combined ancient wisdom with modern nutritional research; and with our own taste buds and creative understanding, produced our delectable range of Vitality Preserves. 


Gisela Norman, CEO
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