The fruits in our delicious homemade jams, a range of our Vitality Preserves, were used for centuries to strengthen, energise and fortify bodies and minds. They are full of nutrients and the ancient sages used them because they were considered to have strong health rejuvenating properties!


Wolfberry Jam

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Tibetan folklore says that people who regularly ate Wolfberries were reputed to live up to 150 years of age!

Wolfberries have long been recognized for their great medicinal purposes, and they offer real health benefits, including antioxidants for general health, plenty of fibre and vitamins. A centuries old tonic, Wolfberries were renowned for boosting vital energy and aiding longevity.  They are loaded with beta carotene, which can enhance skin glow, brighten the eyes, and improve sex lives. 

Try this jam with cream cheese … it is heavenly!

Mulberry Jam

Winner of Great Taste Awards 2017


“A man will pass his summers in health, who will finish his luncheon with black mulberries.” - The great Roman poet Horace who lived from 65 to 8 B.C

The Mulberry’s energy is strengthening. In Chinese medicine they have been used for centuries to enrich our blood, while soothing and calming the nerves. Even today, Mulberry fruit is marketed to improve the immune system, enhance general health, and promote longevity.

The Jam includes apple, which is a great cleanser and was historically used to break down congestion and to stimulate Qi energy.  


Try this jam with cheese, ham and pies… it is delicious!

Jujube & Plum Jam

Winner of Great Taste Awards 2017


The meaning of the Chinese symbol for Jujube is wealth, prosperity and fertility. 

Jujube dates are historically renowned for building blood and boosting energy. Ancient doctors used this fruits properties to improve digestion, increase energy, nourish blood, for calming the spirit and to improve sleep.

The sweet flavour of plums has traditionally been used to promote digestion, lift fatigue and clear inflammation from our bodies.

This jam is divine with strong cheddar cheese!