The ingredients in our delicious homemade chutneys have been used for centuries to strengthen, energise and fortify bodies and minds. They are full of nutrients and the ancient sages used them for their health rejuvenating properties!


Jujube & Apricot Chutney 

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“Three jujubes a day keeps the wrinkles away” 

Jujubes are a vital ingredient in herbal medications in China and across other Asian countries. Known as Chinese red dates, they were historically renowned for building and boosting energy. The fruits have acclaimed beauty and health benefits, and as they are warming, soothing and increase energy, they are great for those who feel burnt out!

Apricots Originating in China almost a thousand years ago, apricots have been used to improve skin, hair and health. Loaded with nutrients and minerals, they help to keep the body healthy. Apricots are renowned as a tonic and contain minerals like iron and copper, which in turn helps our bodies to produce richer blood.

Delicious when eaten with curries!

Mulberry Chutney


“Time and patience change the mulberry leaf into satin” - Italian Proverb

In China today, Mulberry fruit is marketed to improve the immune system, enhance general health, and promote longevity. In Chinese medicine Mulberries are considered an important remedy for building and cleansing the blood, improving our circulation, thereby strengthening our entire system. The Mulberry has been used for centuries to also help to sooth and calm the nerves. 

The health benefits and zingy taste of ginger were well known to Asian Indians 5000 years ago. It’s warming and anti-viral properties have made it one of the oldest, most enduring remedies for cold, nausea and flu.

Delicious with traditional roast chicken!

Wolfberry & Jujube Chutney


Tibetan folklore names Wolfberry as the “happy berry”, it says eating them in the morning keeps you smiling all through the day.

Combined, they are used to boost energy and aid good health. These most potent anti-oxidant fruits were used in ancient times to combat exhaustion and strengthen immune systems. In Chinese medicine, these fruits are jointly used to sooth the nerves, calm palpitations and enhance fertility!

Wolfberries have long been recognised for their great medicinal purposes. Crammed with nutrients, wolfberries were eaten to boost immunity and improve eye health. The native people in the Himalayan Mountain regions who include wolfberries in their regular diet enjoy remarkable health and longevity. The average woman in the Hunza tribe lives to be 100 years of age. Arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, sexual dysfunction, and depression are totally unknown to the Hunza people.

Jujube dates are historically renowned for building blood and boosting energy. The fruits have claimed beauty and health benefits, they are warming, soothe the mind and increase energy. 

In Chinese medicine these fruits, Wolfberry and Jujube, are combined to sooth the nerves, calm palpitations and enhance fertility!

A delightfully exotic taste!