The Company

Gisela Norman formed Gigi & Sons, a limited company, in November 2014.

Gisela has a long standing, highly regarded track record of working as a health professional in both Chinese and Western medicine. She was raised within an Italian family who used herbs and liqueurs to treat many an ailment. Now, as an adult and healthcare professional she has continued on her path of learning and discovering the impact that certain foods, diet and lifestyle can have on health and living to a ripe old age. 

Gisela has created a unique range of preserves from unusual fruits that were utilised during ancient times to heal the body and mind and they still remain effective during our modern times. 

The "Gigi" in the company name is a name Gisela's Italian mother used for her. "And Sons" Gisela’s son Nikos has said many a time “my mother has been a mother and healer to many of my friends, every man and his dog!” She loves working with our team of young people who have helped to form our Company and who deserve the title of ‘Sons’, an extended family company!